10 Easy And Creative Kids Halloween Costumes

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Easy And Creative Kids Halloween Costumes

Every mother seeks easy kids Halloween costumes, to dress up her kids for the holiday. They may try new ideas, or just add some creative touches to each costume by recycling old fabrics or parts from previous holiday costumes. The creation has no limits when it comes to designing their precious kids’ costumes.

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Store bought costumes and how to improve them:

Of course most moms wouldn’t waste time on an already-bought costume, because they chose to pay for a well designed item. But you still can improve them by personalizing each kid’s costume, or just sewing personalized Halloween treat bags of matching colors.
For some Halloween costumes, you can do brilliant changes like sewing wings for honeybee and fairy costumes, a beautiful apron for Alice and Snow White dress, and cute head bands or hats.

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DIY kids costume ideas:

Homemade Halloween costumes are something that kids usually don’t like, but mothers like much; especially with a limited budget or a good talent. But it is easier, however, to design and sew for a baby or a child, because older kids’ costumes would take long time and huge effort.
The best ideas for toddlers would be tutu dresses for girls and elegant baby clothes for boys. These clothes work best for all babies as they are comfortable and easy to decorate with a small hat/beanie. You can match colors and mix fabrics to sew animal shaped hats, bunny ears, angel wings and beautiful flowers or butterflies to stick on the costume.

Kids Halloween costumes are different from toddler costumes. They are a bit harder to design, but for last minute options you can recycle old costumes and add some touches. Another solution is to decorate girls’ dresses and boys’ sweaters, school shirts, and fabric pants.
For example, make a vampire costume with just black pants, white shirt, black vest and a homemade cloak. And the same for a girl, by tailoring a multi-color ruffled skirt to use with a cute dress and satin apron.

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