10 Step Speed Clean For The Refrigerator

Speed clean for the refrigerator

We all know that refrigerators can get clattered in a single day. In addition to the many goods, bottles and food boxes, having a full refrigerator makes it difficult to clean it inside, which can develop bacteria and fungi in that cold, dark and wet environment.
In this topic, I’m solving some of your problems with these 10 step speed clean for the refrigerator. This technique may take around 30 minutes, up to 1 hour or more, depending on the size of your fridge, the amount of foods inside, and how long it has not been cleaned.


1- Prepare a plastic trash bag beside the fridge and make an enough empty space to take all foods outside of the fridge.

2- Unplug the wire from the electric socket and run a long brush beneath the fridge, to clean and dust the kick plate.

3- Take all foods, containers and bottles outside the fridge, examining the each of them and tossing things past their expiry date in the trash bag. While you do this organize the foods in categories on the surface you previously emptied. For example, milk and juice bottles at a side, cheese and cold cuts plates at a side, vegetable and fruit bags at a side, and so on.

4- Pull out the wire racks and drawers and put them in the sink. Wash them with water, soap and a sponge or brush then rinse and dry them well with a big, clean cloth.

5- Remove any remaining items, like plastic or paper sheets that you might have placed under the containers. Use paper towel to remove any undesired spills, or any mold-like formations at wet places. I usually dry the whole inside and clean it with paper towel before washing.

6- Prepare a spray bottle in which you mix some drops of dish soap, any kind of safe sanitizer “like betadine”, and water. You may mix vinegar, water, soap and baking soda as this mix, too, is known for sanitizing and cleaning the objects.

7- Douse the interior with spray then clean with a sponge or a microfiber cloth. Don’t forget the shelf seams and rubber door sealing; you may also use a soft toothbrush to clean these parts.

8- Use a wet cloth to rinse the interior with water; once or twice if needed, rinsing the cloth with clean water a few times in the single turn. Wipe down the outer surface with wet damp cloth or microfiber cloth. Don’t use soap or too much wet, to provide eroding the surface.

9- Use paper towel, microfiber cloth or a dry fabric piece to dry the fridge interior.

10- Plug in the wire and return shelves, wire racks and drawers, then close the fridge while you wipe down the jars, replace the food boxes and change plastic bags for fruits or veggies.
Return the foods inside by organizing each in place, letting spaces at the middle and sides to keep the fridge clean and dry. You may put a small bowl of baking soda or a bog piece of coal, to absorb undesired odors and moisture.

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