10 Effective SuperFoods For Fighting Diseases

10 Effective Superfoods For Fighting Diseases

Fighting diseases depend on medications and antibiotics. But in some cases these solutions are risky as they weaken the immune system and affect other organs. Today i’m providing you with 10 superfoods for fighting diseases and boosting your immunity. They also help in detox and solving several health issues.

1- Blueberries.

We start with blueberries as one of the greatest superfoods, with other blue fruits, as they contain antioxidants in form of flavonoids. Their main function is to boost your immunity, fight free radicals and fight the growth of cancer cells. Blueberries, and Acai berries too, are excellent for improving memory and protecting the brain function as they fight free radicals and hence protect the cells from aging. They also improve skin texture and appearance, delay wrinkles, and protect the eye from cataract and glaucoma.

2- Citrus fruits.

Citrus fruits are the basic and most important immunity booster due to containing large amount of vitamin C. They protect from cold, flu and other infections. They speed up wound healing, cleanse your colon and detox your body.
Citrus fruits also have alkalizing effect when digested, so they cure many diseases and relaxes the body muscles and nerves. In addition to all these amazing benefits, they help in absorbing iron, just by eating them with iron rich foods or squeezing a lemon on a bowl of leafy greens.

10 Superfoods For Fighting Diseases

3- Garlic.

I always say garlic and onion, because both of them are very important for the immune system as they can fight even the most difficult diseases, bacteria and infections. They also lower cholesterol and blood pressure. They improve blood circulation and overall heart function.

4- Green tea.

Green tea is full of antioxidants that fight free radicals and delay aging. By slowing down the aging of cells, they prevent memory/brain problems and heart diseases. It is said that drinking green tea 5 times a day can delay cell aging by 30%.

5- Ginger.

Ginger is known to enhance the blood circulation, detox the body and cure diseases, but it is strictly forbidden for patients with high blood pressure. It treats stomach ulcers, nausea and motion sickness. It is also used with lemon juice and celery to detox the body, and with turmeric to make golden milk. Both are life changing drinks.

6- Cinnamon.

Cinnamon is a great spice, but its quite dangerous for high blood pressure patients as it enhances the blood circulation “like alcohol”.
Cinnamon also improves digestion and is considered one of the cancer fighting spices. It treats cold, flu, sore throat, gum diseases and yeast infections.

10 Superfoods For Fighting Diseases

7- Turmeric.

I always consider turmeric as a complete pharmacy. It is the magic medicine for almost everything, especially inflammation, immunity problems, high cholesterol, wound healing, cell aging and brain problems.

8- Oats.

Oats are very nutritious for those who want vitamin E & B, omega 3 fatty acids, fibers, magnesium and protein. They help with belly fat and weight loss in general because they are very slow in digestion, unlike complex carbs that increase weight and blood sugar. Due to containing fibers and omega 3 fatty acids, oats can improve digestion, lower cholesterol and enhance brain function.

9- Spinach.

You should probably include spinach in your daily salad because it contains a wide variety of minerals, vitamins and protein too. It helps with hair growth, weight loss and brain problems. In addition to all that, it supports the nerve function, protects the eyes and improves skin health.

10- Oily fish.

Oily fish, like salmon, sardines and mackerel are the best sources for omega fatty acids, zinc and iodine. They are lean proteins which help weight loss, hair growth and skin health. Oily fish are very important for old people and kids too. They contain a variety of nutritious elements that prevent sight problems, Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, high cholesterol, brain and heart clots, and nerve problems as well. Eating oily fish at least 3 times a week can save your life, cure many health problems, improve your overall health and delay aging.