12 Simple But Cool DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Home

12 Simple but cool DIY ideas to decorate your home 0

12 Simple But Cool DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Home

Everyone loves to decorate their home in creative ways that suit their budget, so they seek DIY ideas and recycle unused items to create very pretty decorations. Some of these decorations are suitable for bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens, to just give pretty appearance. Other items may give a nice look, but they are used more for storing and packing stuff.
Speaking of the decorative ideas, I included very easy models to decorate your bedroom; like the love sign, the fairy light canopy, the floral mirrors, the flower lights, the wool-balls rug and the glitter plug. These items are not just easy. They allow you to use – for example – old curtains, unused Christmas lights, wool fabrics or yarn, and foam sheets ‘for the love sign’.

DIY bedrrom canopy

Speaking about the functional decorations, the first idea that I love much is placing a mini-bar fridge under the kitchen counter. This idea is way too creative and helpful, not only in the kitchens, but in bedrooms or offices where one can put a fabulous flower vase on top.
Another pretty idea is covering your mini-bar with décor-matching stickers and use as corner table where you put elegant frames, vases, or cigar boxes on top.
The second idea is making a charger station from an easy-lock wooden box. These mind blowing charger station designs for geeks are wide enough for many tech-devices to charge at once. The closed design ensures children safety, besides being easy to place in any room.
Other ideas vary between recycling wooden frames, metal tins, metal trash baskets and small carton bags to make lovely items that mostly suit girls who need to organize their stuff.

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