15 Wondrous Caves From Around The World

15 wondrous caves from around the world 7

When the word ‘cave’ comes to mind, probably most of us will imagine a dark, creepy place where no one would desire to be inside. On contrary, this topic will show you 15 wondrous caves from around the world, and I’m sure you will spend your nights dreaming of a nice visit inside each.
Despite the crawlies, bats, sand or dampness, these caves are just breathtaking and many of them are thousand years old, if still not aged to 190 million years like the Reed Flute Cave. One of the best proofs on the magnificence of these caves are the lovely photos of a bride and groom kissing inside the Mendenhall Glacier Cave, or smiles on tourists’ faces inside the Glowworms Cave.

Son Doong Cave
The Beautiful Son Doong Cave. Located in Vietnam.


There is a space of fantasy that connects these images to our minds. Away of being cathedral-like in their inside view, they leave a mysterious impact from the colorful lights, the glow in the glacier caves or the mightiness of the carved rocks. With all these beautiful details that we can’t see everyday, many people would imagine these caves to be far and unreachable, but they are actually everywhere. You can take a tour in more than one cave located in Iceland, New Zealand, China, Portugal, Chili, Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand, Alaska or any other place n the USA… or the whole world.


The Ice Cave
The Ice Cave’, Located Near The Mutnovsky Volcano in Russia.


Naica Mine
‘Naica Mine’, It is basically a lead, silver and zinc mine with two caves of selenite formations named ‘Cave of crystals’ and ‘Cave of swords’ – Located in Mexico.


Vatnajokull Glacier Cave
‘Vatnajokull Glacier Cave’ Located in Iceland


Batu Caves
‘Batu Caves’, which is a limestone hill located in Gombak district, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia; and consists of a series of caves and cave temples.


Mendenhall Glacier Cave
‘Mendenhall Glacier Cave’ is a cave inside a 19km long glacier in the southeast of Alaska, USA.


Algarve caves
Algarve caves, Portugal.


Glowworms Cave
Glowworms Cave In New Zealand. This cave is very famous for the glowworm insects that live inside in huge populations.


Tham Lod Cave
Tham Lod Cave in Thailand is a 1.666m length cave in which the Nam Lang river flows to reflect a large stalactites and stalagmites formations.


Kyaut Sae Cave
Kyaut Sae Cave in Myanmar. Very little information are known about this cave. However, it contains a large statue for the Buddha carved from a single stone and as shown in the photo, monks do worship rituals there.


Marble Caves
‘Marble Caves’ they are actually found in many places but these are in Patagonia where mother nature never stops impressing us by its arts to give us stunning marble caves formed by wave action over the past 6200 years.


Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon is located in the Arizona, USA. It was basically formed by sandstone erosion with the flash flooding, and also by the rainwater that runs extensively in the basin above the slot sections during the monsoon season.
Phraya Nakhon Cave
Phraya Nakhon Cave, Thailand


Ellison’s Cave
Ellison’s Cave is a pit cave inside the Pigeon Mountain, in Georgia, USA. The cave is classified as the 12th deepest caves in the USA as it extends 1063 feet vertically and 12 miles long. Inside, it shows amazing underground pitches.


Reed Flute Cave
Reed Flute Cave’ in China is one of the most ancient attractions for the tourists. It is over 180 million years old and consists of limestone formations with multicolored lighting.


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