16 Unique Kids Cookies Decorations

kids cookies decorations

Kids Cookies Decorations

Kids cookies decorations are not always easy for most mothers to do. They sometimes seek simple patterns and ways to draw beautiful shapes, or just use cookie cutter/shaper then add colorful frosting. All these are good ways to obtain delicious, appealing cookies, but still not suitable for birthdays or kids’ parties. So, if you are hosting a kids’ party, celebrating your son or daughter’s birthday, or just want to surprise your kids with a lovely plate of cookies, here are brilliant ideas.

animal shaped kids cookies

The key behind preparing the perfect cookie plate for your kids is not always using colors. It is more about creating the shapes or characters they like. For example, girls’ birthdays would require a range of Disney princesses’ cookies while boys’ birthdays might need a tough touch of superheroes characters.
There are also shapes that are related to nature and perhaps funny shapes or cartoon ones would appeal much as well. After you have chosen the right shapes or decided what exactly your kids like and desire, you come to the coloring step. Coloring cookies may need whipped cream and syrup, or frosting. Using the cake pen and the suitable colors will surely help you to draw focused shapes and precise lines. These are the keys for successful kids’ cookies decorations.

animal shaped kids cookies animal shaped kids cookies with frosting kids cookies decorations

kids cookies kids cookies cookies decorating ideas flower shaped kids cookies kids cookies decorations

cookies for kids bat man kids cookies cookies decorating ideas kids cookies decorations cookies for kids cookies decorating ideas face shaped cookies

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