17 Christmas Tree Ideas That You Have Never Seen Before

Doing the annual decorations requires new Christmas tree ideas, in order to break the routine and show elegant displays for your guests. The traditional ornaments are not always enough to draw new looks, but there are new decorating trends that help you making good use of old ornaments. Such trends include decorating the tree with your traditional ornaments and some colorful ribbons or deco-mesh crafts.
Using flowers, real candy, big lollipops, kids’ toys, Hello Kitty shapes and holiday phrases are all great and successful ideas. But have you ever thought of making a Christmas tree dress? Or creating a tree that is totally made from ornaments, toys, ribbons and candy?

The ideas sound weird, but one can’t hide a desire of trying a DIY project and enjoying the family creation.
Christmas tree dresses can be made in large variety of shapes, and their decorations are really captivating. The dresses are usually made from artificial tree branches and decorative greenery. Some people use a short, fat tree, but the easiest way is wrapping the branches around the plastic model; fixing them with suitable ribbons.
I bet you are thinking now of how it feels to try any of these models, but surely a magnificent feeling to decorate your ‘Lady tree’ and surprise the guests.

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