19 Beautiful White Christmas Trees With Elegant Decorating Ideas

White Christmas trees are artificial tress made to match with the modern home styles and the colorful ornaments that we use to cheer up our holidays. Like other trees, they come in different sizes, but mostly in two colors… pure white and silver metallic ‘usually close to tinsel trees’.
The pure white trees are what I brought you today, to inspire you all with really enchanting ideas and dreamy displays.
By viewing the photos, you will see simple models of plain white Christmas trees, decorated with silver and gold ornaments and Christmas lights in white or yellow. This type of décor is quite suitable for Scandinavian and minimalist styles, but you’ve got a lot of options with the ornaments.

Speaking about the vintage style, white Christmas trees give a fabulous look when decorated with pastel colors. Glittered angels, ribbons, earl necklaces, stars and small dolls are great, especially when they come in shades of baby pink, baby blue, pale green and pearl. You may like to use different fabrics for the ribbons, like satin, tulle, chiffon, etc.

The remaining two styles of holiday trees include decorating your tree with a single color, or just decorating in many themes that depend on colorful objects.
The first style is usually made to celebrate Christmas in certain theme where your mantels, table settings and other decorations are setup to match together. Ocean blue, purple, pink and red are the common themes, while my favorite is Gold!
The second style is really festive. Imagine the ability of making candy land Christmas theme with your tree decorated in pink, blue, purple and green. And even more fun to have a big, fat tree decorated with straps, ribbons, ornaments, candy, bells and bows and twinkling lights that delightfully steal your sight.
The topper, of course, completes the insane beauty when it comes as pink gingerbread house, huge snowman, amazing angel, pretty Santa Clause, or any other design that comes to your head.

White Christmas Trees

White Christmas Tree with blue ornaments

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