2 Day Cleanse

2 day cleanse

If you want to try a simple 2 day cleanse detox plan after a hard time of no sleep and stress at work, you can try this one and relax during the weekend. The 2 day cleanse detox plan is not just for weekends, you can follow it whenever you have free time or whenever you are bored of the common foods. It will help you to relax, enjoy morning exercises, walking, fresh juices and light foods. You will feel energetic and more focused for sure.
First thing you should remember in this detox diet is drinking much water. When you wake up, prepare a 3 liter water container with lid, and leave it on the dinning table or the kitchen counter to remind you of drinking.

2 day cleanse

2 day cleanse detox plan

1 -Start the day with drinking hot water in which you squeeze a lemon.

2 –Breakfast:
Almond butter with cinnamon.
Apple slices.
Green love juice “view recipe“.

3 -Do some exercises or go out for a morning walk. You can practice yoga and deep breath exercise instead.

4 –Morning snack:
Chia seeds.
Goji berries.
Green berry smoothie “view recipe“.

5 -Relax for 30 minutes then go out for a walk if you have not done previously.

6 –Lunch:
Multi seed crackers.
One avocado.
Broccoli salad.
All green juice “view recipe”   –  or  –  Vegetable vibe juice “view recipe“.

7 -Before the afternoon snack, enjoy a hot bath with mineral salts or aromatic oils and do some skin brushing to remove dead skin cells. If you like to enter the sauna, it will be a perfect idea during this cleanse.

8 –Afternoon snack:
Tropical green smoothie “view recipe“.
Hemp seeds.

9 -Take a nap.

10 –Dinner:
Green goddess soup “view recipe“.
Hemp seeds.
Leaf salad.

11 –Evening snack:
1 Medium banana.
1 Medium pear.
Chia seeds.


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