20 Dream Garden Bathroom Ideas For Gorgeous Bath Experience

20 dream garden bathroom ideas for gorgeous bath

20 Dream Garden Bathroom Ideas For Gorgeous Bath Experience

The bathroom is one of the most important places in your house, so it has to be something that helps you bathe in a relaxing atmosphere. Creating that kind of peace and relaxation requires either good decoration, or populating with plants. A garden bathroom is great option, whether you live in a small apartment or a big, luxury villa.

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So, what is the garden bathroom?

We can also call it bathroom garden, both terms mean to bathe among plants.
Imagine you are buying a new house, or renovating your old one, and you want a great change that allows you relax and forget all work burdens, without the need to spend much money in spa or hotels. That means you should create that atmosphere or bring the spa to your home. A garden bathroom is simply a bathroom with a touch of a garden, and is usually made outdoors to ensure more space, light, plants and ventilation.
Outdoor garden bathroom ideas are made in resorts and island hotels in places like Maldives, Bali, Thailand, Bora Bora and other touristic islands where people enjoy jet bath or have massage in the fresh air and green forests.
Most of the photos I collected are for spa and resort bathrooms, but in fact they are very inspiring when you have a big home with a huge garden. You can easily have that garden inside by replacing one wall with glass, or removing it totally and building a small, roofless barrier around some plants and a tree. A smart idea also is to build your bathtub in that roofless area among the plants “the spa style”.

Luxury bathroom with a garden

Another creative idea that people with big homes do, is adding large planters to their bathroom and allowing more light through ceiling openings or a roofless part over the plants. This type of garden bathroom is easier, but suitable only for villas and single floor houses.
A similar idea can be made in big apartments where you simply install a glass barrier in your bathroom to make a special place for your plants with stone floor and make it easier to clean both spaces separately. Large planters and flower pots are then used to give a beautiful look, and also small planters on the sink counters play an important role. This type of decoration matches perfectly with stone walls, sinks and bathtubs are they give a real natural look, especially with a big mirror to reflect the view.

The last and most beautiful idea in this topic, is building your garden bathroom outside. I know that will sound weird and also expensive, but I’m talking about those who have the facility to built their dream bathroom in an interesting way. If you have a big, private place where there are no surrounding buildings or houses, you can build your bathroom in the fresh air with a big jacuzzi or luxury stone bathtub. You will need wooden deck with roof, if the place is too sunny and the plants are short. But if the surrounding plants are high and dense enough to provide good shade, you will enjoy an open garden bathroom.

Luxury white bathroom with a garden and no roof
Luxury stone bathroom with a garden
Luxury bathroom garden with open roof
Luxury bathroom shower with a garden and glass doors

Luxury stone bathroom with plants

Luxury spa outdoor garden bathroom
Luxury bathroom garden with wooden cabinet and onyx bathtub
Spa outdoor bathroom
Luxury outdoor spa garden bathroom

white outdoor bathtub and plants
White outdoor bathtub in backyard
Outdoor spa white bathtub
Outdoor stone bathroom garden
Outdoor garden bathroom
Outdoor stone garden bathtub
luxury stone bathtub in a garden

luxury outdoor stone bathtub on wooden deck
Luxury spa bathroom garden
Bathroom with green stone walls and plants

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