25 Astonishing Cat Facts That will Make You Want A Furry Friend

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25 Astonishing Cat Facts That Will Make You Want A Furry Friend

Cats are the most popular pets in the world. With their adorable look, furry body and innocent eyes, they are considered enigmatic creatures that captured people’s hearts for thousands of years. If you ask cat owners, they will tell you astonishing cat facts, like having different personalities and showing variant levels of intelligence. And despite that, people usually think they know everything about these magnificent creatures just because they are around us everywhere. But that’s wrong! So, I decided to publish some informative cat facts that you can even teach to your kids, starting from the way they walk, to how they see in the dark.

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Ragdoll cat

Cat Facts:

1- The number of domestic cats around the world is 500 million cats, which makes them the most popular pets, even more than dogs.

2- Cats are not recent creatures in our world. Humans relationship with cats started 10,000 years ago.

3- Cats spend 70% of their lifetime sleeping, usually 14 hrs a day, to conserve energy.

4- Domestic cats have average weight 4-5 kg, or 8-11 Ib. The largest domestic cat weighed around 21 kg (46 Ib).

fluffy ragdoll cat

5- Cats’ ears take the conic shape, which allows them to hear the lowest sounds as the tip of the cone shape picks up the sound, and as its gets wider at the base, it magnifies the sound.

6- The cat’s nose is always wet. That doesn’t mean it is sick. It is simply because of the sweat glands or the tear duct as it drains normal tear fluid from the eyes. This also has a greater function like cooling or regulating body’s temperature, and the moist strengthens the sense of smell as it makes the scent particles adhere to the nose.

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7- One of the most surprising cat facts is its vision. Cats can see at light level that is 6 times lower than that required for humans to see.

8- Old cats can be aggressive toward kittens.

9- Cats can live up to 15 years, and with proper nutrition/health care they may reach 20.

10- The oldest cat in the world was 38 years old, his name was crème puff. Its owner, Jake Perry, owned the same previous record for having a 34 years old cat.

11- Cats’ tongues have rough protrusions that enable them to clean their fur from dust, dirt and other environmental traces.

12- It is also thought that cats’ saliva, in addition to containing bacteria and proteins, contain enzymes that work as antibodies to disinfect their wounds by licking them, and also to clean their fur and mouth from harmful environmental traces.

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13- The loudest cat purr record was 67 db, where most cat purr record 25 db. Almost like the sound of shower.

14- When cats hunt, they sneak quietly as their back paws step exactly on the same place where their front paws did. This ensures quiet movements and limits their paw tracks/smell.

white cat with blue eye and hazel eye in snow

15- Cats have nearly 230-250 bones, depending on the tail length and number of toes. Their bodies and joints are very flexible, to allow them to run and hunt small animals.

16- A study showed that some cats are capable of recognizing their owner’s voice, and also understand what you want from them through frequent-heard words/commands, but sometimes they just ignore your call.

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17- The world’s longest cat was a Maine Coon of body length 48 inches. And the tallest was 19 inches tall.

18- According to Guinness world records, the richest cat in the world was named Blackie. Its owner loved it so much and passed 7 million pounds to it, instead of his family, before he died.

19- Cats walk like camels and giraffes. They move their right side feet first then the left ones. Other four-legged animals do not walk that way.

Cat facts, cats walk like camels

20- The first and only cat to go to space in 1963, was named Felicette.

21- Ancient Egyptians worshiped a goddess in the form of a lioness, and later a cat. Her name was Bast. And they used to shave their eyebrows when their cats die.

22- Cats share up to 96% of their genetic traits and behaviors with tigers, including urine marking and stalking their prey.

23- Some domestic cats can reach the speed of 30 mile/h.

white cat wallpaper

24- A smart cat used to do 24 tricks in just one minute. Her name was Didga.

25- Stubbs, the cat, was the mayor for an Alaskan town for 20 years. Tourists and local citizens loved him and kept electing him.

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