30 Brilliant Black And White Halloween Decorations

30 Brilliant Black And White Halloween Decorations

People who like simplicity would certainly love to add black and white Halloween decorations to their homes. For me, I consider black and white as most plain themes that we can try either on holidays or any normal day. And despite the use of only two colors, you may play with colors and add touches to light up the appearance.

The first and most common theme is plain black and white. No additions at all!
This type of black and white Halloween decorations is better made with tiny black items, like bats, spiders and ravens. You may use black spider web or witch hat, but be sure to pair them with white items because black is not easy to be recognized alone.

The second type of black and white Halloween decorations is actually my favorite. I love the idea of using mercury glass, silver pumpkins, glitter, fairy lights, glam decorations, etc… That’s why I collected these ideas to show you how beautiful your black and white Halloween can be. You can buy cheap stuff, do crafts, recycle already existing items, or hang Christmas lights in perfect arrangements for Halloween.
The photos show pumpkins painted in elegant black and white silhouettes; and others decorated with satin/lace ribbons, pearls, rhinestone, and witch hat too. There are also some pumpkin varieties in silver, mercury glass, brass, and ivory. They look great when matched together or simply with black bats, rats and spider webs.

Black and white Halloween decorations can also be made with glam pumpkins in black, white or ivory. All you need is shiny paint, plastic pumpkins, glue, rhinestone or pearls. Decoupage pumpkins too are great to decorate the living room, mantels and side tables. Use printed paper sheets or black lace and glue to create beautiful crafts.
If you don’t have enough time I suggest that you draw black spiders, bats, black cats or any other simple shapes, on white painted pumpkins. You will find perfect options in online stores like tiny black spiders, small and big skeletons, skulls, ghost statues, haunted houses, spider webs, painted pumpkins, gourd shape tureens, depicted dinner ware, table accessories, etc…

The last thing I would love to try among these black and white Halloween decorations is the mercury glass pumpkins. I found a fabulous idea that uses mercury glass pumpkins with Christmas lights to create a warm, beautiful lighting. You know how much I adore fairy lights and I use them in all possible colors, all year long and in all occasions.
Mercury glass lanterns, like other Halloween decorations, are usually found in holiday stores and online stores. You can choose from different designs and colors and buy to an affordable price.

I don’t find mercury glass accessories near me. They also take long delivery time, if I order them online. But I think of doing it myself by spraying the inner side of glass objects with silver paint to look like mercury glass, and then we put the fairy lights inside to create beautiful lantern.
Every time I look to the photo, I see very thin black stripes surrounded by thin clear glass and then mercury paint. I think that’s how we should do it, if we want to allow the light to stream outside and appear.
There are many other things to paint, either for Halloween or any other time of the year. I see winter as a perfect season to decorate with silver and white. Simply buy mercury glass spray paint from online stores, if you want to try the idea with other home accessories like candle holders, mason jars, vases, plant pots, glass platters, mirror frames, coffee table frame, etc…