30 Inspiring Baby Shower Cakes In Pregnant Belly Designs

30 Inspiring Baby Shower Cakes In Pregnant Belly Designs

Welcoming your little one, who is soon-to-come to the world, is a precious event that needs a festive baby shower party. And as you can’t hold a party without providing your guests something to eat, the cake is the most important feature in your party. Most ladies choose to introduce something that is colorful and pretty, to express their feelings and happiness about pregnancy. The creative options are endless, and if you are one of those ladies who want to share something fun and elegant with guests, you gonna love this post.
Away from simple, plain cakes, I’m introducing today very elegant baby shower cakes in pregnant belly designs. Of course they remind us of the cute diaper cake, or those coming with sleeping baby toppers, and yes, all of these are perfect models for your party.

Pregnant belly baby shower cakes are very warming and elegant. In my point of view, they can be served in two kinds of parties, one of which is your baby shower, and the other is your birthday. I personally consider it a creative, fun idea to serve this cake in your birthday, if you are just celebrating with your husband, kids or very few members. And if you are expecting your first child, this could be a very romantic gift from your husband to order such cake and surprise you. Both ideas are good when you don’t want a baby shower party, so your husband can surprise you with this warm, lovely celebration.

baby shower cake in purple dress design

Most baby shower cakes are in pastel pink or baby blue; something that became a bit traditional, although it represents the baby gender, but moms today enjoy more varieties. For this reason, I introduced pregnant belly baby shower cakes in both colors or entirely in different color. This can inspire ideas for more colors and decorations either for the baby shower or your birthday, especially if you have experience in cake decorating.
Away from the cute, warm celebrations, I wanted to surprise you with more pregnant belly baby shower cakes that will inspire you for a great party during the holiday seasons. I couldn’t find many cakes for Christmas parties, maybe because no one gets busy with a baby shower while they are preparing for the most wonderful holiday in the year. But I found a lovely snowflake cake that suits winter parties, in addition to a few designs for Halloween baby shower. Maybe not all of you would like the ideas, and you might find the cakes creepy, but I’m sure some would want a very unusual theme for their baby shower.

Regarding the decorations, a pregnant belly cake is not always that difficult to make and decorate. If you opt for a simple design and less details, all what you have to do is forming the cake balls, stick them together, and cover them with colorful buttercream.
Other cakes require some experience in using frosting and decorating options, creams and tools, to obtain a beautiful look. So, if you are not into cake decorating, try to print some online designs and order the cake from a nearby store.
I hope that you enjoy my topic and find inspiration in these lovely cakes. Please write a comment below telling me your opinion and view other entertaining topics on my website.