3D Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind

3D Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind

It was a great surprise for me to see some 3D tattoos that appeared quite freaking, yet unbelievably creative. As most of them showed skulls, spiders and other odd symbols, I didn’t want to include them in my topic, and preferred to introduce really artistic and mind blowing work.

Wooden art leg tattoo

“The canvas that holds the art” was my basic concept when I collected these photos. I chose 3D tattoos that belong to nature, like butterflies, a tiger, a lion, a huge pine tree, and a sweet lady bug. The other designs include a beautiful eye, a pattern of wooden artwork, a stone statue design and Snow white story design.
With a creative talent, a colorful contrast and some shadows, the 3D tattoos looked quite real as if the butterflies have just landed or the lion is about to attack. The most beautiful ones, in my point of view, are the eye and the stone statue. The eye is more than expressive in its quiet, deep look of hope while the stone statue reminds us of the glorious Greek Gods.

3D tiger tattoo

Such designs were quite appealing for me, as the nature designs look beautiful as permanent art while the others can surely leave an artistic impact instead of a creepy feeling.
Some people, however, may prefer a naughty tattoo, or a frightful design, like most of the vampire and gothic drawings, but in fact, such things are not suitable a permanent view on the human skin. They are more of a temporary Halloween body art.

3D pine tree tattoo

3D snow White tattoo

3D butterfly tattoo

3D rock statue tattoo

3D eye tattoo

3D lady bug tattoo

3D shoulder butterfly tattoo

3D lion tattoo

3D breast cancer ribbon tattoo

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