4 Ways To Prepare Your Skin For Winter

How to prepare your skin for winter

4 Ways To Prepare Your Skin For Winter

During the cold months, our skin becomes rough, suffers from breakouts and looks very dull. To avoid these effects and prepare your skin winter, you have to select a suitable skin care regime that depends on vitamins and moisturizers.
To avoid having dry, flaky skin, start your plan during the Autumn season, or when the temperature is still around 30 degrees.

How to prepare your skin for winter

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Here are 4 ways to prepare your skin for winter:

1-Start taking your vitamins before winter.

Vtamin C is quite essential for your skin, to keep healthy and soft. Try to eat vitamin C foods, or depend on fine supplements along with antioxidant rich fruits.
Try omega rich foods, like fish, nuts and grains. These foods contain vitamin E and A, which are very important for hair and skin.
The above elements are known to promote collagen production and delay skin ageing y protecting it from free radicals.

2-Enjoy a mask treatment with 10 minute massage.

To prepare your skin for winter, mask treatment is a brilliant way to take good care of your skin. It allows your skin to absorb elements and nutrients, that you may forget to add to your diet, by the direct applying method. It helps in changing the skin appearance, depending on your skin needs, and surely it gives you super soft results by massaging vitamin E oils for 10 minutes. You may also use suitable skin care masks or medical products, if needed.

3-Eye cream and moisturizing products.

It is known that babies are born with extra soft and moist skin, and every day the skin loses oils and elements due to the exposure to sunlight, dust, chemicals in water and soap, hot water, etc…
Moisturizing creams and serums contain what your skin needs, like natural oils, vitamins and anti ageing compounds. By using the suitable moisturizer for skin and eyelids, you will enjoy a healthy skin during winter, delay ageing, and help your body reproduce collagen.

4-Use a sun-safe moisturizer.

During summer, we usually use sun-block products, but in winter you need to to combine the sunblock and the moisturizer, so a sun-safe cream is necessary to block ultraviolet rays and keep healthy skin.

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