45 Gorgeous Toddler Halloween Costumes

45 Gorgeous Toddler Halloween Costumes

When it comes to holidays, every mother would love to dress her toddler in the best costume ever, and Halloween is the most suitable time to show your best looks. Today we are introducing toddler Halloween costumes in very adorable designs that you, your kids and everyone else will surely love. We are also planning to post more designs for babies and kids, so you can have a good variety of costumes to dress up your family.

Starting with toddler Halloween costumes, and as I always say, there are types of costumes that you can design and tailor yourself. These types will remain the best option for saving time and money. They allow you to recycle old clothes of your elder kids, if you have many kids and you can’t decide which to buy for each of them.
There are also people, like me, who want their toddler to be comfortable and they don’t care much about the costume. I’m that kind of mothers who would prefer a simple tutu dress over a colorful, eye-catching costume. There are also the bunny and pumpkin costumes. I liked them much because they look very comfortable and made of soft, unheavy fabrics.

We know toddlers’ age range from 1 to 4. So, the costume that suits a 2 years old girl is surely different from that of a 4-year girl. Due to that reason I included 2 groups of toddler Halloween costumes, to suit each year toddlers. The first group shows relatively comfortable designs like spider, pumpkins, owl, rats, doll, and clown. In addition to tutu dresses and simple pumpkin costumes. The second group shows designs like lion, formal dresses, queen Elizabeth coat, little red riding hood, cowgirl, fairies and Harry Potter.

I don’t know if you agree with my point of view, but after all every mother knows her kid more than anyone in the world. Knowing what makes your kids happy and how they prefer to play or spend fun times, you can decide which is better, or not suitable at all. So, when you choose your kids Halloween costumes, please think first of your kid, and not the general appearance. Ask yourself a few questions; will he/she feel comfortable? Happy? Scared? Irritated?

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