50 Insane Halloween Eye Makeup And Eye Shadow Art

50 Insane Halloween Eye Makeup And Eye Shadow Art

Happy Halloween, dear friends!
There is surely some excitement in this topic cause I know many people like to dress up and do Halloween makeup in attractive designs. I never loved orange or black, but while collecting these photos I realized how beautiful they can be when used in Halloween eye makeup, especially if you are planning to party.

orange Halloween eye makeup

My favorite is the black cat eye shadow designs. They are very simple and remind me of my best furry friend.
Other designs are fantastic for sure, however they need some talent to draw clear, precise lines and generate the perfect design.

I tried to include easy Halloween eye makeup designs as well as other complicated Halloween themes. The easiest designs are those showing bats, black cats, vampire themes, black haunted tree, simple ghosts and neutral looks. I was keen on adding neutral Halloween eye makeup because it is very sexy, and you can also wear it for several parties. The peacock Halloween eye makeup is the most friendly look in this topic. Its colorful and cheerful, as well as the stars and light bulb looks. The orange Halloween makeup is also perfect to try on other occasions, but only when you remove those bats to just show your sexiest looks.

The easiest and most friendly looks here were made by Tal Peleg, an Israeli artist who draws magnificent eye shadow designs. I will show more of her designs in following topics, and maybe link out to her blog so you can see the updates.
Speaking about Halloween contact lenses, they are the basic thing to use, if you want to completely change your appearance or show a frightful look. I see people wearing vampire contact lenses and others in weird colors that truly scares me. Imagine if you combine one of those with Halloween eye makeup?

I included some eye shadow looks made with lenses… friendly lenses, and others made with common cosmetic lenses. I think using cosmetic lenses is much better, if you seek a sexy look and something that matches your skin, hair and costume/dress. They will surely look beautiful if you opt for Disney Halloween costume.

Halloween eye makeup looks