Acne Studios Resort 2015 Collection

Acne Studios resort 2015 collection was not a great hit in resort fashion as much as resembling the pre-fall trends. The designer, Jonny Johansson, was inspired by Jeff Wall’s art that drove him to show realism in his designs through aggressively sharp cut clothes. Not only did he show sharp cut designs as a touch of realism, but he was keen on using the washed-out fabrics and knitted outfits, with extraordinary sleeveless, long vests.


Jonny introduced elegant designs such as mannish trousers, denim jackets, long leather coats, cropped jeans jackets, women’s blazers, pleated skirts, wool vests and knitted pullovers. In addition to such youthful trends, he introduced shorts, cropped leather jackets, over-sized long dresses and sweaters.
White, grey, brown, beige and orange were the most dominant, or the only used, colors in this collection. The dark blue, pale turquoise and purple were used for a few models, to light up the pre-fall looking collection.

Acne-studios-resort-2015_2 Acne-studios-resort-2015_3 Acne-studios-resort-2015_4

Acne-studios-resort-2015_5 Acne-studios-resort-2015_6 Acne-studios-resort-2015_7 Acne-studios-resort-2015_8 Acne-studios-resort-2015_9 Acne-studios-resort-2015_10

Acne-studios-resort-2015_11 Acne-studios-resort-2015_12 Acne-studios-resort-2015_13 Acne-studios-resort-2015_14 Acne-studios-resort-2015_15 Acne-studios-resort-2015_16 Acne-studios-resort-2015_17 Acne-studios-resort-2015_18

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