Akris Resort 2014 Collection

Akris resort 2014 collection was actually inspired by the work of the Mexican architect Luis Barragan. The main lines, colors and architectural appearance of the designs were all inspired from Cuadra San Cristobal, in Mexico City.
The sharp wall angels in Cuadra San Cristobal were the main reason for the sharp cuts in Akris resort 2014 collection, especially jackets and short dresses. The brilliant mix between sharp cuts and looseness in long coats gave a bold look. The cropped jackets in glazed colored showed a good match with the woven sweaters, neat blouses and low waist pants. The low waist pants appeared quite sexy, despite being suitable as work attire. The loose cut at the bottom of these pants gave them their charm, and also the cropped, tight pants were lovely with the long coats.
The short dresses came in different designs, actually varying between flare skirt and tight dresses. The flare skirt style gave a youthful appearance while the tight dresses gave a very bold work style, so is the tight short skirts.
The basic colors and color shades in Akris resort 2014 collection came in blue, pink, purple, black, beige, white and brown. Few colors were mixed to give an elegant look; the plain pieces took the same colors of Cuadra San Cristobal, especially the pink grades.

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