Alexander McQueen Resort 2014 Collection

The serine, natural colors in Alexander McQueen resort 2014 collection were the magical theme that he used to express a vibrant youth within his designs. Most of the designs came as pants, tops and cropped jackets. Actually the peasant tops looked romantic with the sharp cut pants. The same lovely shoulder cut and crimpy edges in peasant tops were shown once more in the long dresses. The nature-patterned fabrics and fluid silhouette of each dress showed romantic, soft looks that caught the eyes. The creation in theses dresses, in my point of view, was really endless! The designer introduced his romantic style in nature-friendly colors and perfect cuts. Even the sexy features he showed in the shoulder straps, waistline cuts and long neck cuts. The butterflies, floral embellishments, small stitches and laces over canvas cotton decorated the beige dresses. They were the best creations for dreamy, patchworked evening dresses.
The canvas cotton was used also in the short, flare dresses. The difference was in color patterns and the marvelous seven layers of broderie anglaise petticoats.

The hyper-waist feature was shown in dresses, pants and tops, through extra details in most pieces actually. It is a bit related to old styled fashion designing, especially in the short dresses, but enhanced the youthful appearance.
The shorts and pants came in blue and cream. The designer focused on the clothes that working women wore as their husbands were at war. The jackets had also over-detailing downwards while the pants came in a few designs, but mostly close to the loose and cropped styles.


Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_1 Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_2 Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_3 Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_4 Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_5 Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_6 Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_7 Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_8 Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_9 Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_10 Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_11 Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_12 Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_13 Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_14 Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_15 Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_16 Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_17 Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_18 Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_19 Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_20 Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_21 Alexander-McQueen-resort-2014-collection_22

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