Alexander Wang Resort 2015

Despite the many designs that we have recently seen from famous brands, none of them has gone bohemian like Alexander Wang in his resort 2015 collection. At the first sight, you may think of the bold colors, youthful clothes and casual styles. Matching the white color with black and blue in sharp-detail, over-sized garments gave this collection its bold touch. The other colors, such as pink, purple, turquoise and burgundy were distributed in several patches on white background, and a nice burgundy jacket.


The other dominant color that was used alone, or patched with pink and blue, is the black color. The dark blue appeared once, but the black was either patched or bisected with graphic stripes of white.
The heavy fabrics appeared very elegant in the single color garments, regardless of the design, and the utility jackets appeared quite youthful with the wide cargo pants. The sheer, oversized shirts, in plain white or patched white and blue, were one of the perfect hits of this brand… as an elegant, feminine style.

Alexander-wang-resort-2015_2 Alexander-wang-resort-2015_3 Alexander-wang-resort-2015_4 Alexander-wang-resort-2015_5

Alexander-wang-resort-2015_6 Alexander-wang-resort-2015_7 Alexander-wang-resort-2015_8 Alexander-wang-resort-2015_9 Alexander-wang-resort-2015_10 Alexander-wang-resort-2015_11 Alexander-wang-resort-2015_12

Alexander-wang-resort-2015_13 Alexander-wang-resort-2015_14 Alexander-wang-resort-2015_15 Alexander-wang-resort-2015_16 Alexander-wang-resort-2015_17 Alexander-wang-resort-2015_18

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