Alice And Olivia Resort 2015

Stacey Bendet, the designer of Alice + Olivia, has always shown elegant trends, but for resort 2015, she decided to go into the mid-century glamour that appeared in the European travel style.
Stacey introduced beautiful short dresses, mini skirts, cropped jackets, maxi dresses, fitted pants, pant suits, short suits, and skirt suits as well. All these suits came with different-in-design jackets, including the oversized, long jackets and the cropped feminine jacket.


A few models were made from thick fabrics, which came with vintage-inspired prints like flowers, butterflies, parrots, eagles, and buildings. The leather dresses and the fitted pants were the most beautiful designs in this collection. They came in bright colors that suit travel, work, daily outings and casual dinners.
Besides the beautiful shirtdress that extended to maxi-length, there was a unique intarsia skirt suit in beige color; a wonderful day and evening style for the working ladies.
The sleeveless tops, pullovers, skirt pants, and other designs looked quite suitable for traveling and vacations.

Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_2 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_3 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_4 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_5 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_6 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_7 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_8

Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_9 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_10 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_11 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_12 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_13 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_14 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_15 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_16 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_17 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_18 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_19 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_20 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_21

Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_22 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_23 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_24 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_25 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_26 Alice-and-olivia-resort-2015_27

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