DIY Bird Houses

DIY bird houses 1

In my previous topic about bird houses, I showed the prettiest models I have found and spoke about the designs, the materials and how we often use bird houses. In this topic, I’m showing some DIY bird houses, made of wood, gourds, coconut shells, thick plastic and carton paper dipped in corn flour solution. I’m not actually sure about the last type of bird houses; I think dipping carton paper in solutions to harden it is not the suitable way, but it is the best environment-friendly way I could come…

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17 Fancy Bird House Ideas In Castle And Animal Shapes

Bird House

17 Fancy Bird House Ideas In Castle And Animal Shapes A bird house, also called nest box, bird box or roosting box, is a small enclosure that people place in the neighborhood for birds to nest in, or in their back yard for their own birds to dwell. Those who have big houses or estate usually place these nests in different areas of/around their property, to encourage the local bird population and decrease the rate of extinction. The modern bird house idea was first invented by the British conservationist Charles…

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Bird Feeders

Bird feeders 8

Bird Feeders Bird feeders are small containers that you put in your garden or the nearby places, to hold grains and other kinds of birds’ food. These feeders are made in many designs and sizes, but most people like to do them themselves. You may view the featured photos in this post, to inspire you for some designs if you want to do it yourself. The metal bird feeders that take round or cylindrical shape are the most common. Sometimes the containers are made in glass cylinder shape; they contain…

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Bird Baths

bird baths

Bird Baths Bird baths are like small tubs that you put in your home garden or back yard, for birds to bathe and drink during the hot seasons. They are usually made in round designs with a tall stand to keep them high, so that they appear clearly for the flying birds. They are also made in small sizes and they are not deep, to allow the birds stand and sit on the edges. Bird baths are considered as decorative items, like fountains and ponds, in every garden. Garden owners…

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