Surprising Peacock Katydid Facts That Makes It an Eye Spot In Nature

Peacock katydid

Surprising Peacock Katydid Facts That Makes It an Eye Spot In Nature Our topic today is very interesting. It is about a beautiful camouflage that resembles a diseased or dead tree leaf, but when its hind wings are opened it shows pretty eye prints at the back. The peacock katydid is an insect from the family of Tettigoniidae, and is named “Pterochroza ocellata”, which means ‘marked with little eyes’. In fact this beautiful display is aimed to startle other living creatures, in case of attacking the katydid, while in repose…

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Most Stunning Trees In The World

Most stunning trees in the world 1

 Lucky people are those who get a chance to embrace nature’s beauty and enjoy the creation of mother earth. The most remarkable bliss in this world is how we absorb the tranquility and relieve stress, simply by strolling among the trees or looking at the fresh flowers. Surely among all that beauty, there are extraordinary miracles that we should stop by, meditate at and collect blessing from its mightiness. This topic features 16 examples for the most stunning trees in the world, of which many are quite aging and many…

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Wild Animals

Wild animals 1 e1408044522423

As many people like to use wildlife wallpapers and collect nature photos, I thought of posting beautiful photos and wallpapers for wild animals. I collected simple scenes for tigers, leopards, bears, deer and few other animals in nature. They look really lovely, and surely using them as wallpaper feels like being in real safari trip. The best photos in this post, for me, were the cute monkey, the leopard and the deer. Other photos that were taken by a lake or river are also amazing, especially that fishing bear, zebra…

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Lynx Cat

The Lynx is classified as a type of wild cats that is distributed in several places other than The United States, and recently people keep some types as pets. The Lynx is usually a medium-sized cat with large paws, thick fur and bobtail. The coat color is more relevant to brown, gold and hazel or beige, with a mix of color gradients that give a nice appearance with the black swirling all over the coat. Some Lynx types have different coat patterns like swirls & spots, or they are perfectly…

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