Antonio Berardi Resort 2015

The starting point of Antonio Berardi resort 2015 was the sixties and seventies style, where women wore beautiful ruffles and bright colors. The collection was very rich in textiles and the colors came all in high saturations, even the intense pink that colored the gorgeous dresses and short skirts. In addition to the high saturation, there was another feature that characterized this collection; the glam colors and embroidery that came on different designs to show the jumpsuits like mosaic art and short dresses like soft silk. Some pieces, which were made of leather, showed an odd, but elegant look with the glossy embroidery. The same gloss was shown in the high heel shoes and sandals, which were paired with the garments in blue, yellow, red, and white.


Berardi is known to create an anatomy in his designs, like caring of the details, the embroidery, the sharp cuts or the simple embellishments that enhance the appearance. The anatomy in this collection was the very sharp cuts and the ruffled trims that showed in almost every piece of garments. Another amazing feature was the silk dévoré that he used on a few dresses, which made them easier to wear as a midnight or couture style. The most beautiful evening dresses were the under-knee and maxi dresses coming in a range of white, black and beige colors. The sheer maxi dresses were elegantly detailed with a thin layer of lace on the upper part and a beautiful ruffled trimming extending downwards like artwork.

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Antonio-berardi-resort-2015_21 Antonio-berardi-resort-2015_22 Antonio-berardi-resort-2015_23 Antonio-berardi-resort-2015_24 Antonio-berardi-resort-2015_25 Antonio-berardi-resort-2015_26 Antonio-berardi-resort-2015_27 Antonio-berardi-resort-2015_28 Antonio-berardi-resort-2015_29

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