Aprons Designs For All Purposes And Occasions

Aprons are quite essential for all people who love to cook, or those whose take cooking as a profession. As for me,they are not only for cooking and kitchen, they are for all kinds of cleaning and spending mornings outside gardening in the yard. So, I decided to start posting a series of designs for all purposes and occasions, to add a style to our daily shores, work profession, seasonal home-held parties and other purposes.

White apron with red hearts

As shown in my first topic, I collected mens and womens aprons in simple, yet very beautiful designs including Dia De Los Muertos and vintage themes. There is also the modern styled apron, which is made from fabric covered plastic in pretty prints. The old styled model, worn by women in 1940 or even earlier, is included here as well. The feminine touches also appear in the reddish and hearty printed aprons in classic styles.

Red womens apron Red womens apron Womens aprons with floral prints

Apron with Dia De Los Muertos prints Aprons for women Aprons for women Old fashioned apron Great apron designs for women Aprons for men DIY apron for women

Pink floral apron with side bow tie Funny apron for men

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