Area Rugs

Area Rugs

Area rugs are the base and fountain for any place you create to enjoy cozy moments. They are usually smaller than other rugs which you use for dinning rooms or large living rooms, but they offer warmth and coziness with the displayed décor.
Area rugs don’t differ in the materials than those big wool or silk rugs. They can be made of any material, even leather sheets, to suit the house style and the place you are setting up for comfort.

Speaking about area rugs and all rugs in general, they are categorized into basic types, such as modern rugs, Persian rugs, traditional style, oriental, etc.
I chose to introduce different patterns, sizes and designs for modern rugs that show a western style. They are actually my most preferred type and I’m sure you will find them pretty.
I posted photos for some modern rugs, for those who need to learn about the varieties of need some inspiration. I divided them according to the texture and prints into three sections. The first section contains velour, fur and silk rugs. They are really amazing for a romantic corner or newly weds bedroom. They can bring you relaxation and comfort, especially in winter and cold places, but they need extra care and delicate cleaning.
The second section shows common area rugs which come with nature prints. They may come in solid or bright colors, but in all cases they suit living rooms, dinning rooms and kitchens.
The third section contains very simple designs, plain rugs or those which come in artistic design made with few colors. The last two kinds of rugs may not require extra care in use and cleaning like fur and silk rugs.


Velour, fur and silk rugs

Area rugs 1


Modern rugs



Extra simple rugs


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