Automatic Cat Feeder

Automatic cat feeder and water dispenser

An automatic cat feeder is a device that is used to keep the dry or wet cat food and organize the feeding quantities. Most of these devices are made with a big plastic, glass or fiberglass container that is fixed at the top, to drop a small quantity of food in the bottom bowl, every time your cat finishes its meal or at certain scheduled times. The automatic cat feeder is usually battery powered and it comes with a timer and some devices come with a monitor and many options to choose from. The concept of dropping certain amount of dry food in the bowl at certain times allows a better digestion for your cat and it is great for obese cats.

Automatic cat feeder

Automatic cat feeders come in different sizes and smart designs. The size of food container also differs according to the design, the brand and the featured options in the device. The small, round size and the two-box bowls are the best to use for wet food, and the big feeder with a top-fixed container is the best for dry food.
The two-box feeder is a smart design that preserves the wet food for a short time and opens the container at certain time for the cat to eat. Surely this type is not suitable for a several-day use as the food won’t be healthy if kept for long, but it can organize a short-time schedule for a small quantity of dry food, to feed kittens or adult cats when you’re at work.

2 bowl automatic pet feeder dry food automatic pet feeder Dry food automatic cat feeder

Automatic pet feeder Automatic cat feeder Automatic pet feeder with water dispenser

Dry food automatic pet feeder Dry food automatic cat feeder Dry food automatic pet feeder

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