Avocado And Mayonnaise Hair Mask

avocado and mayonnaise hair mask

Avocado and mayonnaise hair mask is one of the most nutritious and easy hair masks to do. You don’t have to worry about the smell or the result, because once you wash the hair, you will feel the difference from the very first day.
Besides being nutritious due to containing vitamins, fats, egg yolk and oils, the mask keeps your hair moisture and really flexible. You can make this mask once or twice a week; there is nothing to fear and there is no damage on the hair.


Suitable amount of mayonnaise according to your hair length and nature
Avocado flesh “one avocado is sufficient”

avocado and mayonnaise hair mask


As I mentioned in my previous avocado mask, put the flesh in a pan with some water and cook it until it is tender.
In the blender, put the avocado flesh, resulting avocado water and your desired amount of mayonnaise. Process until fully smoothed “creamy texture”
Apply the mask on your hair and let it for at least an hour or more, covering it with hot water-dipped towel. Make sure the mask doesn’t get dry on the hair, to make it easier to wash it and rinse all avocado traces.

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