Baby Quilts

Baby quilts 1

Baby Quilts

small sized covers, made to protect the baby’s body from the cold while sleeping or while being outsides. The quilts are made from different fabrics and, of course, are made in different sizes and colors.

Babe quilts are manufactured in a wide range of designs. The manufactured type surely has fine trimming and very elegant, well-colored prints as well as coming in all sizes to suit babies in all ages starting from the birth time.

There are two types ; the summer quilts and winter quilts. Summer quilts are light in weight, usually small sized and made of tender fabrics. They are not even quilted or fiber padded from inside, in order not to irritate the babe or cause heating. They are made from cotton fabrics with a very light fabric or fine cotton sheet inside.
Summer quilts are stitched in lovely ways; always holding nice butterflies, flowers and animal shapes.

Winter quilts are made in different ways, to provide enough warmth, yet still be very light to keep your baby comfortable. Most winter quilts are larger in size, however they still come with the outer cotton covering to prevent skin inflammation. The fact that they come with cotton covering doesn’t deny their efficiency in protection against cold and even air when you hold your baby outside. Winter baby quilts come with fiber padding inside, and sometimes a layer of wool, velour or fur in some models to provide extra protection for the child.

As for the varieties, there are either manufactured, or handmade. My favorite type if the handmade quilt, although the manufactured would offer excellent quality and protection, besides the lovely appearance.
The handmade baby quilts have their glowing charm and special impact on each mother. They are usually made in the American style with simple designs and prints on the fabrics used for each quilt. The patchwork baby quilts are the most common, because mothers find it easier to sew each patch in short time, make colorful patches and then stitch them together. I find it an easy technique, but it needs long time and experience in sewing quilts or large fabric crafts, in order not to spoil the whole work.


Animal print quilts


Baby quilts 1

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 Rag quilts

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Elegant patchwork quilts

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Baby quilts 6
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