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Most mothers like to choose elegant baby shoes for their newborn babies and toddlers, to match with their dresses and baby clothing. The chosen baby shoes should be comfortable enough, before providing a cute look.
I was thinking of the best shoes to buy for a baby, while searching for these photos. I found that a variety of designs would give every mother several options for several occasions and seasons. So, this collection of baby shoes is a gift for every mother who seeks elegant baby boots, baby sandals, crochet baby shoes, winter baby shoes, toddler shoes and even Christmas baby shoes.


Although most photos show baby girl shoes, there are nearly 6 models of crocheted baby boy shoes, as they are the most common for baby boys, in addition to providing comfort and warmth during winter.
The baby girl shoes I collected are embroidered with satin flowers, chiffon ruffling, pearls and rhinestones. The embroidered shoes are what mothers seek for special occasions, like christening, weddings and birthdays.
A few designs came in crochet, which often looks quite beautiful with all baby girl dresses, but if we speak about the boots, I found two elegant designs trimmed with fur and padded with wool, to protect the baby’s feet in winter. In addition to all elegant models in this topic, I found a lovely leather sandal that came with toe-open and a big bow; and for Christmas baby shoes, I found red leather shoes with big satin bows.

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