Baby Shower Invitations

baby shower invitations

Baby shower invitations are either designed and printed or handmade, to invite the guests to a party that parents hold in expectation of a baby. The baby shower tradition was originally held in celebration of the first baby, to share the wisdom and knowledge of being a mother. The tradition is now a bit different and it widely known in the United States and few other regions. Nowadays, baby shower parties are made to celebrate the birth of a new baby with friends and family, and to receive gifts that they need for their baby.



Baby shower invitations are essential for this type of parties, and the matter that some people like to pick up a theme for their party makes them of great importance. The themes are different, but they are divided into 2 basic themes, a baby girl or a baby boy. Some like the jungle themes or they set up a joyful atmosphere by decorating with balloons and toys. The invitations should take the same theme of the party, and if you don’t follow a certain theme, you can choose the invitation from a variety of cute designs.
There are paper invitations, handmade fabric invitations and real diaper invitations. All of them look cute and funny, especially when you decorate them with your own touches of buttons, colorful papers and pins or elegant ribbons and small cards.
In the photos below, you can choose from a beautiful variety of each type, including the most elegant invitations that come with satin ribbons and neat printed cards inside. The designs are inspiring such that you can carry out lovely fabric invitations and amazing envelopes using simple stuff and few decorations.













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