Beautiful Christmas Cupcakes

Gracing the Christmas dinner with a nice dessert buffet is an essential part of elegant feasts. Such buffet may serve cookies, cupcakes, trifles, budding and cakes, or any other desserts and candy. So, if you’re searching for pretty decorations, these beautiful Christmas cupcakes are surely your key to an elegant feast and unforgotten flavor.
I choose most decorations in the form of small Christmas trees, and other designs in red and green, making elegant Santa’s face, reindeers, snowflakes and snowman, as winter themes. In addition to the few candy decorations, you can see a photo of two beautiful male and female deer, and stunning 3D decorations too. These ideas rock, when made for kids or served on a big dessert buffet, as the colorful fondant can almost make any shape.

Beautiful-christmas-cupcakes_1 Beautiful-christmas-cupcakes_2 Beautiful-christmas-cupcakes_3 Beautiful-christmas-cupcakes_4

Beautiful-christmas-cupcakes_5 Beautiful-christmas-cupcakes_6 Beautiful-christmas-cupcakes_7 Beautiful-christmas-cupcakes_8

Beautiful-christmas-cupcakes_9 Beautiful-christmas-cupcakes_10 Beautiful-christmas-cupcakes_11 Beautiful-christmas-cupcakes_12

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