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As I’ve been posting cat trees, houses and beds, I followed with some pet bed and houses from, in case any of you wanted to order them online. Here are some samples that you find in our Cats and Dogs categories.
The photos show beautiful beds that look exactly like babies beds; trimmed with lace and covered in soft fabrics, with fiber and sponge padding inside, to provide warmth and comfort. These beds come in different sizes and colors, in addition to the fabrics that cover them, to suit small and big pets. You can buy them in different colors, in addition to nice pet pillows with them.


Regarding the houses, I posted photos for the sponge houses and round shaped ones, padded to look like a cocoon, as these types are the most favorite for pets and their owners. They are easy to carry, easy to fold and store, and most of all very beautiful with a nice inner and protection from cold. All these advantages, in addition to the affordable prices, make them the best to buy for your pets.

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