Beautiful Seashell Crafts

Beautiful seashell crafts 5

If you are one of those crafty people who like to collect seashells and make decorative objects, you will surely enjoy this topic and find great inspirations within the following photos.
The easiest ideas use large seashells, which you fill with a small amount of wax and a short piece of yarn in each, to make decorative candles when the wax hardens. You can also make scented candles and apply the same concept with other seashell crafts by spraying flower scents or perfumes on the inner side of shells before sticking them on the objects. This technique will keep the scents as long as possible and provide you refreshing decorations with affordable materials.


Other photos show brilliant ideas for seashell accessories, letters, lampshades, jewelry boxes, photo frames and hanging room decorations. In addition to these beautiful crafts, we can see lovely hearts, elegant mirror frames, wreaths and candle holder decorations with two feminine designs that, in my point of view, look really creative and stunning. The first idea is spraying the shells with bright paint, in silver or pearl color, then sticking white crystals along the natural curves and lines in the shells. The second idea is decorating a shoe or sandal in glass, mosaic style then sticking the desired shells or stars on the front part. The two ideas are brilliant and inspiring for many other home decorations that you can place in your kitchen, on the dinning table or display together with flowers and accessories on the mantel piece.

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