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Bedspreads are defined as the covers that often lay over our beds to decorate them and use as covers while sleeping. There are many types of bedspreads that depend on the design and way of manufacturing. Quilts, coverlets, duvets, blankets and other covers; are all examples on bedspread types.
In this topic, I included photos for satin bedding, quilted bedspreads, modern bedspreads, coverlets, and traditional bedding made in country style and shabby chic designs.


1- Satin quilted bedspreads

The first group, which is the quilted satin bedspreads, shows luxurious designs made of printed satin and filled with cotton or fiber. These types are suitable for classic home style and they match will with traditional, gold trimmed furnishing.
Some modern quilts are made from printed satin, but they are not common among the modern furnishing styles.

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2- Coverlets

The second group contains a nice variety of coverlets. The basic type is the heavy cotton coverlet and the most exquisite is the matelasse coverlet. Cotton coverlets are made in some designs that suit winter and summer, and surely soft cotton coverlets are the best in quality.
Chenille bedspreads are coverlets made with shag details or handmade rose buds and other embroidery. The best kind is the heavy, soft cotton coverlets.
In the same category, I included printed kids coverlets, made of fine wool, and another Flemish bedspread made in oriental style.

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3- Modern quilted bedspreads

The third group is the modern quilted bedspreads, and these are really lovely, made of cotton and light in weight. You don’t need an extra piece of decoration in your bedroom, because these bedspreads are usually printed in amazing patterns and nature themes or even digital photos.

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4- Traditional style bedspreads

In the fourth group, I showed examples on the country style bedding and shabby chic bedspreads. They might not be as popular in furnishing classic and modern bedrooms, but the old ladies love them and if you once visited a relative in the countryside, you’d surely have seen at least one handmade bedspread or quilt. The shabby chic designs are also pretty; some are manufactured and others are made by old ladies, but in general… having one of these for occasional use can bring relaxation and add a charming vintage touch to your bedroom.

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  1. Sheila Luster

    I am in search for another “Puff Top” or “Biscuit Top” California King size ruffle tired Bedspread with matching Shams like shown in group #4- Traditional style bedspreads. I have had 2 in the 35 yr that we have been married & these are the most warmest spreads ever!! Now I can’t find one to buy. I see a lot of DYI on You Tube on how to make one but, unfortunately I am not the professional seamstress. Can you suggest a location where I may find one to buy. Looking for one in neutral colors, tans, and browns with a pattern of course. I did find 2, one was pink & the other was blue. Not exactly what my husband would like to be sleeping under, hahaha.
    thank you for your time & God Bless.

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