Beef And Chicken Spice Blend

Beef and chicken spice blend

This is my own recipe for beef and chicken spice blend, which I use always when I poach meats or make quick roasts. The ingredients are simple, yet very aromatic to add flavor for roasts, barbecued meats and any other recipes that depend on deep frying or slow cooking.


– ¼ tsp of ground pepper.
– ¼ tsp of ground Chinese cubeb “piper cubeba”.
– ¼ tsp of ground cardamom.
– 1 clove bud.
– 2 bay leaves.
– ½ tsp of fresh thyme.
– a tiny dash of cumin “if desired”.

Beef and chicken spice blend

The above ingredients are measured in small amounts, for those who don’t like using a big amount of spices. For me, adding more cardamom and piper cubeba gives a wonderful taste.
Mixing the ingredients:
Using spice grinder, process all ingredients again until you obtain a soft powder mix. Use at once for poaching meats, frying or pot-roasting.

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