Bird Cage Decorations

I never liked bird cages, but when I accidentally viewed these elegant bird cage decorations, I thought it was a brilliant idea to use them for seasonal décor.
Of course many people have at least one old bird cage which they no longer use. Such useless piece could be turned into lovely art instead of just occupying a place in the attic or garage. In the photos featured below, I collected simple bird cage decorations, to inspire you on how to make them and for which occasion can they be used.
Bird cage decorations are often used for weddings and spring decorations. We may try using them to decorate our porch, or the front yard that contains many trees or much space. Small bird cages can be used indoors, either to display a nice décor, or to store books and toys, yet keep an elegant appearance.

Starting with the simplest décor, clean the available bird cage from dust, and surely rust if it exists, then use a suitable paint to color it. The suitable paint should match with your home colors in general and should be sticky to metal – read the description written on the paint.
Let it outside in the air until it gets fully dry and touch it to test if any paint will come out on your hands. After that, it is ready to be decorated with candles, crystal beading or to be placed in a corner and hold flowers or books.
The bird cage decorations that we use outdoors are a bit different in the way you decorate them. For example, you can’t use candles or crystal beading, but you can arrange fresh flowers and plants to give a gorgeous look. Arranging artificial silk flowers is also lovely, and the two kinds of decorations are, in general, used widely in weddings and porch decorations.



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