Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are small containers that you put in your garden or the nearby places, to hold grains and other kinds of birds’ food. These feeders are made in many designs and sizes, but most people like to do them themselves. You may view the featured photos in this post, to inspire you for some designs if you want to do it yourself.

The metal bird feeders that take round or cylindrical shape are the most common. Sometimes the containers are made in glass cylinder shape; they contain a few openings with small sheets fixed horizontally at the opening side to hold the grains/seeds and offer a space for the bird to stand.
Some people like these two designs as they deny the squirrels from finishing the birds’ food while others like the opened, big feeders to allow the squirrels enjoy nuts and dried fruits.

Among the photos below are creative ideas for DIY bird feeders as well as really brilliant designs that you can buy from bird stores. The DIY designs include a cute feeder made from large orange peel cut into halves, dried and hung with yarn; and wooden bird feeders that you can easily cut and fix in your garden. The wooden feeders, either the handmade or the manufactured, depend on the bird houses designs, but without sides. You can make it using a big square wooden sheet that hull at the middle and fix a wooden holder for a ceiling. Make the holder with three or four branches, like that inner part of an umbrella, and fix a wooden sheet above to make the ceiling. The idea is not difficult and it helps protecting the birds from the heat and sun during the summer, and also from the rain or cold during the winter.


1- Glass Feeders





  2- Metal and wooden feeders




3- DIY and other shapes




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