Bird Houses

Bird houses are small wooden boxes that we hang on trees or in our back yard, for our pet birds of the neighborhood birds to dwell. Bird houses are made in very beautiful designs and they come in big and small sizes to suit your needs and the bird size.
Most bird houses are made in the castle or homestead shape, and the best material is surely wood. Metal or plastic are often used for trimming as wood is the most durable material, unless you have a small bird or you want a temporary bird house; in that case you may use plastic bird houses.
In the following photos, you will discover very lovely designs, especially those made in cat or dog shape with surface coloring. The other bird houses are made in the traditional house design with a front opening and an upper wooden cover to protect the bird from the heat and sun or the rain in winter. The upper ceiling/surface is often painted with a thick, waterproof paint, or sometimes has a protection against the rain, to keep the whole house dry in winter.

Decorative bird houses are types of wooden crafts that we use in our gardens as decorations, and to offer a shelter for birds, if they exist. The decorative designs are usually colorful, made of hard wood, and having many details to complete their pretty look. You may buy them, or make them yourself, if you have a certain design in mind and you want to decorate your garden.
DIY bird houses are also cute, but often smaller and made of other materials if not possible to cut and fix the wooden pieces together. Gourds, especially faux gourds, can make the best bird houses and they are very affordable, cozy, light in weight, and easy to paint and decorate. You can create magnificent art with the gourd bird houses, as well as the hand crafted wooden ones.




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