Birthday Cake

birthday cake

Decorating a birthday cake is an enjoyable matter for everyone, especially ladies who love surprising their husbands or beloved kids. Birthday cake decorations range from the simplest cream and fruit décor, to the most complicated shapes made with frosting and fondant dough.
In this topic, you will find simple birthday cake designs that suit kids and first year birthday. There are also creamy frosting ideas, made with fruits and white chocolate, for those who like to celebrate with their families. They show colorful designs, or just smiling hello kitty face with fruit slices.


I collected photos for big and layered birthday cakes, as well as designs made with fondant and crystal accessories, for the most festive parties. The red, heart shaped fondant, pink whipped cream and sparkling crystals make a wonderful birthday atmosphere for everyone.
These models look like wedding cakes, but in fact, they are common birthday cakes decorated in breath taking techniques. The cakes are fully covered either with white/pink fondant, or whipped cream. The cake toppers are made with elegant chiffon ribbons, lovely fondant flowers, tiaras, butterflies and fairies. These cakes, as much as they take effort and time, look magnificent and provide cherished, unforgotten for all family members.

Birthday-cake_2 Birthday-cake_3 Birthday-cake_4

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Birthday-cake_10 Birthday-cake_11 Birthday-cake_12 Birthday-cake_13

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