Birthday Cupcakes

birthday cupcakes

Birthday cupcakes are colorful, delicious desserts that most of us enjoy and consider an essential element in every birthday. Decorating birthday cupcakes is not a difficult job for many ladies who follow simple techniques, such as colorful whipped cream, grated chocolate, candy and small candles. Other techniques may vary according to each design you want for every cupcake. In this topic, I collected photos to inspire you for a nice group of designs to decorate birthday cupcakes.


There are amazing birthday cupcakes that you can make with whipped cream and candy. Using fondant dough to decorate the cupcakes is also a common way – like using it for wedding cakes and cupcakes. Mixing food colors either with whipped cream or fondant, while making it, it is the premier key in giving beautiful cupcake designs.
Birthday cupcakes are also decorated with small candy flowers, fondant flowers, smiling faces, pearls and small beads.
There is also a very easy technique used for wedding and birthday cupcakes, which is drawing thin line patterns with brown or white chocolate. Doing that requires only melting the chocolate chops and using the cake decorating pencil. You can do the same with white icing, and you can mix syrup or flavored food colors to decorate and draw any design you like.

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