Blackberry Trifle

blackberry trifle

A blackberry trifle is one of the easiest and filling meals. It is often made with whipped cream, but as for me, I choose yogurt and fruits as a healthier option. Trifles are usually made with sponge cake layers, but what if you try it today with biscuits instead? Using biscuits in the trifle makes it very light and appealing for kids. You can add nuts, raisins or whatever you like to introduce a fully light and nutritious dessert to your family.


– 4 cups of sweetened coconut biscuits – cracked into small pieces
– 1 cup of homemade blackberry syrup
– 2 cups of fresh blackberries
– 1 ½ cups of chopped walnuts
– 4 cups of whipped cream – increase the cream if you like and replace with low fat yogurt for a diet recipe

blackberry triffle


– In a glass bowl, put the cracked biscuits and add 3 cups of whipped cream – let the 4th cup for garnish.
– With a plastic spatula, stir slowly until the biscuits are all covered with cream. Make sure to not push with the spatula, to keep the biscuits in shape.
– Prepare the serving glasses, use wide ice cream bowls if possible.
– Pour 1 tbs of blackberry syrup in each bowl then carefully put a layer of biscuits in each bowl.
– Cover with a layer of cream or yogurt, and add 1 tbs of blackberry syrup to color the cream.
– Layer the biscuits and cream, but make sure to leave an upper space for a dash of cream and fresh blackberries.
– Decorate with nuts and chill for 2 hrs before serving.

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