Boo and Buddy

Boo and buddy 3

Boo and Buddy is a topic that I decided to write after I accidentally saw the photos of two cute dogs, and I couldn’t believe my eyes for the puppies looked really rare.
Boo and Buddy are both Pomeranian dogs, but Boo is known as “the world’s most famous dog” – “the world’s cutest dog” – and “Boo the teddy bear dog. He was born on March 16th, 2006.
Boo, the puppy with shorter hair and round face, has the rarest face ever appeared in this breed, and the unbelievable feature is that Boo’s 4 legs and paws are quite close to those of a teddy bear. His soft, thick, yet short coat gives him the perfect appearance of a small teddy.


Boo and Buddy are owned by a facebook employee who started to reveal Boo’s photos and write a book about his life in 2011. The San Francisco based employee has first created a page for Boo, named “My name is Boo. I’m a dog. Life is good”. After he became popular in 2010, the dog’s fans reached over 5 million then his owner decided to write the picture book about his life, which has been published in 10 languages.
Boo has become the subject of four story books, and his owner followed with another book then he appeared in many photos where advice for travelers-with-pets was given. Rumors said that Boo has died, but it was strongly proven that Boo was alive and very well.

Boo-and-buddy_2 Boo-and-buddy_3 Boo-and-buddy_4 Boo-and-buddy_5 Boo-and-buddy_6

Boo-and-buddy_7 Boo-and-buddy_8 Boo-and-buddy_9 Boo-and-buddy_10 Boo-and-buddy_11 Boo-and-buddy_12 Boo-and-buddy_13 Boo-and-buddy_14

Boo-and-buddy_15 Boo-and-buddy_16 Boo-and-buddy_17 Boo-and-buddy_18 Boo-and-buddy_19 Boo-and-buddy_20 Boo-and-buddy_21 Boo-and-buddy_23 Boo-and-buddy_24 Boo-and-buddy_25

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