Bridal Hair Accessories

Bridal hair accessories are essential for every bride. They give a beautiful look to every hair style, especially the luxury combs and crystal accessories.
Bridal hair accessories are available in all bride-essentials stores, and they vary in price according to their size and the rhinestones stuck on them. There are different designs of hair accessories, divided into three categories; flower shaped accessories, decorated headbands, and rhinestone settings. The most elegant and most expensive is the rhinestone sets. These sets are either made in simple forms, like a comb or tiny rhinestone chain, or carved shapes holding bright rhinestones.
In this topic, I choose some photos expressing bridal hair accessories in silk flower designs; decorated with rhinestones, feathers and fixed on small combs.
These designs are considered simple, elegant and affordable for every bride. Also, many brides prefer the flower shape other than any craved broaches or rhinestone pins. Flower shaped bridal combs make a hairstyle looks very dreamy and feminine. They give a special charm.


In the photos below, you will find very simple silk flowers with rhinestone accessories at the middle; they also come with or without hair picks stuck at the base of each flower, and feathers are used in most models to decorate each pick.
Other accessories include a few flowers attached to an elegant metal wire, branched and decorated with big rhinestone. This type looks magical when used with the perfect hairstyle.
There are simple flowers with long feathers. They suit traditional wedding styles as they often give a very feminine, dreamy look.
Bridal hair accessories vary in color, so I collected different colors begging with white, cream, sugar and ending with light coral. The color variety helps every bride to match the suitable accessory with her dress and her hair color.

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Bridal-hair-accessories_6 Bridal-hair-accessories_7 Bridal-hair-accessories_8 Bridal-hair-accessories_9 Bridal-hair-accessories_10

Bridal-hair-accessories_11 Bridal-hair-accessories_12 Bridal-hair-accessories_13 Bridal-hair-accessories_14 Bridal-hair-accessories_15

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