Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets

Bridesmaid jewelry sets are elegant accessories that a bridesmaid wears, to complete her look, during the wedding ceremony. Some of these jewelry sets look exactly like the bridal jewelry, which causes confusion for many ladies while choosing the suitable accessories, but in fact, the jewelry designs vary to match the ceremony and the attire.
Most bridesmaid accessories are simple in design, like pearl necklaces and other designs that come with a single stone or a big colorful gem. There is also the popular collier style, which comes in beautiful designs with pearls and diamonds, but it is kind of distinct nowadays compared to the popular, single-stone necklaces.


In the following photos I included several examples on the single-stone necklaces, the simple pearl necklaces, the diamond and pearl colliers, and the colorful diamond pendants. All these designs are supposed to help in choosing the best accessories, to match with your bridesmaid dress and wedding style. You can find a few colors, like white, blue, hazel, honey, gray and pink, to match with the colorful bridesmaids’ dresses, in addition to the variety in metal where you can choose from silver, titanium, white gold and yellow gold.

Bridesmaid-jewelry-sets_2 Bridesmaid-jewelry-sets_3 Bridesmaid-jewelry-sets_4 Bridesmaid-jewelry-sets_5

Bridesmaid-jewelry-sets_6 Bridesmaid-jewelry-sets_7 Bridesmaid-jewelry-sets_8 Bridesmaid-jewelry-sets_9 Bridesmaid-jewelry-sets_10

Bridesmaid-jewelry-sets_11 Bridesmaid-jewelry-sets_12 Bridesmaid-jewelry-sets_13 Bridesmaid-jewelry-sets_14 Bridesmaid-jewelry-sets_15 Bridesmaid-jewelry-sets_16

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