Broccoli Salad

broccoli salad

The delicious Broccoli salad is one of easy detox diet foods, and also a wonderful salad for weight loss. It soaks up the dressing and gives a delicious taste, yet it stays in the fridge for a few days, which makes it easy to keep a big bowl and enjoy whenever you wish.

broccoli salad

Ingredients of broccoli salad:

1 big bunch of broccoli – cut into small floret or chopped
1 big red pepper – diced
1 grated carrot
2 small-chopped celery stalks
1 cup of chopped parsley
2 small-chopped green onions
1 big tomato – diced into small pieces

The dressing:

1/3 cup of olive oli
2 tbs of balsamic vinegar
1 tbs of mustard
2 minced garlic cloves ‘optional’
½ teaspoon of mixed seasoning herbs or spices

Adding tomatoes is optional in the broccoli salad, so if you intend to let the broccoli salad in the fridge for the nest days, it is better to exclude the tomatoes. You may also exclude it if you have kidney problems.
Adding other ingredients such as lettuce, watercress, red cabbage, olives, mushrooms and vegetables is a nice option for a nutritious salad to help with weight loss. It could also be introduced with lunch as a complementary dish for vitamin supply.


In a small tureen, mix the dressing ingredients by stirring quickly with a small spoon or fork.
Prepare the salad in a big glass bowl by mixing the ingredients then add the dressing and stir well before preserving in the fridge.
The broccoli salad is like any other salad, needs at least 2 hrs to soak up the dressing.

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