Burberry Prorsum Resort 2015

Burberry’s custom was always to introduce unique and extremely trendy designs, for women and men, every season. The match of colors, the elegant details and the general appearance have always appeared like artwork, made especially to please the customers and show them in their best looks.


This collection, Burberry Prorsum resort 2015, came as stylish, long garments of which most are coats, skirts, and maxi dresses in dark and pale colors. Perhaps to show a bit of a fall look with all these coats; beating the bad weather while traveling or during the daily the outings. It also included beautiful fish-scale skirts, sheer blouses, colorful lean-silhoutte dresses as well as sweaters and tight pencil skirts with fringed and draped details in similar color. The beautiful hit was the pleated sheer skirts and the maxi dresses. Most of them came with a front, knee-length slit while other models came as elegant skirt suits and shorter skirts paired with long coats and safari jackets.

Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_2 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_3 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_4 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_5

Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_6 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_7 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_8 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_9 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_10 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_11 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_12 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_13

Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_14 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_15 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_16 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_17 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_18 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_19 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_20 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_21 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_22 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_23 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_24 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_25 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_26 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_27 Burberry-prorsum-resort-2015_28

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