Calvin Klein Collection Resort 2015

For resort 2015, Calvin Klein provided its customers with a simple collection that mostly suits work and traveling. In addition to the practical designs, the brand introduced light women wear, shown in the cropped pants, single shoulder blouses and other streamline silhouette dresses. After the cozy seasons of designing, Francisco Costa introduced this lovely resort collection in clear lined, pale colored designs, such as off-white and different grades of khaki, with some touches in black, blue, and orange.


The practical designs that Francisco Costa showed were the short A-line dresses, front zip jackets, double breasted coats and flare pants. Most of his dresses came in simple, sleeveless designs, but some came with long sleeves and details as well. The apparent feature was the see-through plastic Chelsea boots in white, sand and black, which he paired with all designs in this collection.

Calvin-klein-collection-resort-2015_2 Calvin-klein-collection-resort-2015_3 Calvin-klein-collection-resort-2015_4 Calvin-klein-collection-resort-2015_5 Calvin-klein-collection-resort-2015_6

Calvin-klein-collection-resort-2015_7 Calvin-klein-collection-resort-2015_8 Calvin-klein-collection-resort-2015_9 Calvin-klein-collection-resort-2015_10 Calvin-klein-collection-resort-2015_11 Calvin-klein-collection-resort-2015_12 Calvin-klein-collection-resort-2015_13 Calvin-klein-collection-resort-2015_14

Calvin-klein-collection-resort-2015_15 Calvin-klein-collection-resort-2015_16 Calvin-klein-collection-resort-2015_17 Calvin-klein-collection-resort-2015_18 Calvin-klein-collection-resort-2015_19 Calvin-klein-collection-resort-2015_20 Calvin-klein-collection-resort-2015_21 Calvin-klein-collection-resort-2015_22

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