Carolina Herrera Resort 2015

An uncomplicated, straight silhouette was the message of Carolina Herrera resort 2015 collection. Although most people may regard the designs and colors as very dull and not creative, these designs were very humble and functional for many purposes, including traveling, daily work and special occasions.
As Herrera always loved flowers, most of the short dresses and evening gowns came with floral prints, and even if not if cheerful colors, they looked romantic and simple. The work styles came as straight, A-line dresses, skirts, coats, nice fluid blouses and knitted sweaters. They were not as many, but certainly sufficient to tie up the pieces together into respectful, neat looks.


Most designs in this collection came in black and white, with shades of green and blue, while other looks showed a mix of purple, green, beige, light brown, light blue, navy and orange. They looked elegant within the long, flowing dresses and the cute old-fashioned dresses. Regarding the coats and dresses, they were the most beautiful features. The dresses were amazing for a candlelit dinner or a special occasion, especially with that black organza dress with tiny white flowers. Other dresses looked very suitable for a day style, while there were two beautiful coats in purple and beige, we still can see how the hot shorts came in perfect beach style.

Carolina-herrera-resort-2015_2 Carolina-herrera-resort-2015_3 Carolina-herrera-resort-2015_4 Carolina-herrera-resort-2015_5

Carolina-herrera-resort-2015_6 Carolina-herrera-resort-2015_7 Carolina-herrera-resort-2015_8 Carolina-herrera-resort-2015_9 Carolina-herrera-resort-2015_10 Carolina-herrera-resort-2015_11 Carolina-herrera-resort-2015_12

Carolina-herrera-resort-2015_13 Carolina-herrera-resort-2015_14 Carolina-herrera-resort-2015_15 Carolina-herrera-resort-2015_16 Carolina-herrera-resort-2015_17 Carolina-herrera-resort-2015_18

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